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Maria's Books


Moon Tides, Soul Passages
Revised 2nd Edition, August 2006
Starcrafts Publishing
(includes CD software)
ISBN 978-976-2522-1-5


A Time for Magick
Llewellyn Publications
ISBN 1-56718-622-X



Dial Detective
2nd Edition
October 2001
Comic Muse Publications
ISBN 0-935-12783-6


The Witch's Circle
May 1996
Llewellyn Publications
ISBN 1567186572


Future Signs: How to Make Astrological Predictions
September 1996
ISBN 0-935-12750-X


Your Magical Child
September 1994
ISBN 0-935-12732-1



Moon TIdes, Soul Passages

Moon Tides, Soul Passages, now in revised 2nd Edition, uses astrology and Goddess mythology to reveal meaning in the patterns of the Moon in both current time and in progressed 30-year life cycles. This book guides readers to understand their past, create their future, empower personal choice and enhance spiritual growth. Inside a back cover sleeve is a software CD for Windows (usable on Mac with Virtual PC installed) that is very easy to install and use. It provides all the personal astrological information needed to apply the interpretive text in the book, even if you have never before studied astrology. The book text interprets Moon by sign, house, eight lunar phases, prenatal eclipses and use of the transiting Moon for choosing best times for various activities. The eight phases are discussed and demonstrated as they unfold in progression over a lifetime of three 30-year cycles . An experiential chapter of ritual and meditation the paintings and drawings contribute to intuitive understanding of the books’ main concepts.  The art includes 16 pages in full color that depict themes of the sacred feminine in each element (water, fire, earth and air) and in each lunar phase.

A Time for Magick

Astrology is the Queen of Timing! One of the great benefits you can gain through astrological knowledge is the ability to choose the appropriate time for your purposes.

A Time for Magick shows you how to work toward your magickal, spiritual, or mundane goals in harmony with the movements of the planets. Here you will learn easy techniques for planning ahead with astrology. You'll gain a new understanding of the themes of the Sun, Moon, and all eight planets of basic astrology: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. More significantly, you'll learn to conjure planetary energies within yourself, and to use those energies creatively and advantageously in your life.

In this book, you'll discover:
  • Rituals with spellworkings for the Sun, Moon, and each of the planets
  • Guided meditations for each of the planets
  • Perpetual planetary hour tables and how to use them
  • Interpretations for your planetary hour of birth
  • How to read and use an astrological calendarDon't wait and wonder what the planets may mean to your fate. Take charge of your destiny by directing planetary energies to your best advantage!

Your Magical Child

An Astrological Parenting Guide - This book combines a magical world view, common sense from practical experience, and astrology to help you understand the special needs of your child - how each child is born with unique qualities and a special, individual style. With a nurturing, loving touch laced with personal anecdotes from her experiences as a parent, step-parent and school teacher, Maria Kay Simms provides parents with the tools to help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Your child’s personality is more than his or her sun sign. In addition to basic astrological information, complete interpretations are provided for all planets (by sign and house), the Ascendant, and the Midheaven, as well as aspects between planets. In language that relates to the special needs and concerns of children, this text is the perfect resource for beginning astrologers, while it also provides new insight into interpretation of children’s charts for those with more astrological expertise.

Planetary tables for 1985-2005, rising sign tables and an astrological glossary make this a great reference book.

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Moon Tides, Soul Passages

Simms is a professional astrologer and one of the better eclectic Wiccan authors writing today…This books deals with the moon and its cycles in astrology…you might expect some astrological based Wiccan rituals.  They are there.  In fact, Wiccan and Goddess spirituality are as central to this book as astrology—to the point where non-Pagan readers may be a bit put off by it…comes with a CD Rom Windows program that will generate all the information on the moon in your chart that you will need to use the book…  It’s nothing like the complex astrology program I’m used to …Once you have the printout…you are ready to use what lunar based astrology has to say about your life and spirituality.  Simms…has a knack for explaining astrological concepts in a way that is truly easy to understand …goddess spirituality is a part of this book from the very beginning…the last two chapters, however, are what makes this book a must buy for eclectic Wiccans…[the] rituals would be at home in the Book of Shadows of many of the eclectic Wiccans I know…can’t end this review without mentioning the full color plates…

Read this  2006 full review by Randall Sapphire on The Cauldron, A Pagan Forum

The author, Maria Kay Simms, has produced a work that will be very useful to the novice as well as the professional astrologer…well versed in her craft and this book is a joy to read.  Coming from a Wiccan perspective, Ms. Simms leads the reader through an in depth analysis of the Moon’s phases as it relates to the birth chart as well as how the Moon relates to pagan spiritual ritual and pagan spirituality as a whole…beautiful and stunning paintings…crowning piece of this work is the CD…simple and easy to use…a perfect addition to the occult library.

Read this 2006 full review by J. McCaul on the Occult World Ledger, Review #92

Maria Simms has a knack for weaving ancient traditions with the complexities of modern life in her writing, and this book is the finest example to date… software designed by Rique Pottenger…allows readers to follow Simms on her latest odyssey through the cosmos completely equipped with personalized information about our individual progressed Moon journeys…we are initiated into a whole new way of studying our emotional and psychological development…beautifully expressive paintings rendered by her daughter and herself each depicting the Moon Goddess in a different phase or manifestation…well worth owning and cherishing for many years to come.  --Judi Vitale, Mountain Astrologer, August/September 2005

Moon Tides, Soul Passages takes the reader on a unique journey into the emotional, and usually hidden, secrets of the Moon and her role in our lives commencing not at birth, but in the womb. Whether this is the first astrology book you have ever picked up, or just the most recent, you will feel at home and comfortable with the terminology and gifted with surprising revelations about yourself, past, present and future…two special bonus features…beautiful and sometimes haunting art work…by the author or her equally talented daughter, Molly Sullivan…a CD containing software…enables reader to create and print reports…a “must have”…you’ll find yourself referring to it again and again. --Kathryn Fuller, Covenant of the Goddess newsletter, Midsummer 2005

With this powerful book, author Maria Kay Simms helps readers reconnect with their Moon astrology, explaining in great detail how our lives are influenced by the Moon, its phases and cycles, during what Simms calls our Soul Journey. As the sun is said to affect our actions, the Moon’s realm is the subconscious, and astrological techniques, meditation and journaling will unlock doors to perception and increase self-awareness and faith in oneself.  --Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent Publisher Online

As a basic textbook for understanding the Moon in the birth chart, this book works like a charm...it is clear the author herself not only uses this technique, but is deeply involved...giving her both an intellectual understanding of the lunar phases and a passion for them, a passion that comes alive in every page...well-packaged with beautiful paintings by the author herself and her daughter...accompanying software by Rique Pottenger, which is not mere icing on the cake, but a main ingredient...The book is a joy to read, but being able to use the printout for my own chart as I read through it proved to be enlightening. I have never quite looked at the Moon in my chart in such a thorough—and yes, accurate—way. Simms' book is destined to become a classic. --Ken Irving, Horoscope Guide, June 2005

Her artistic, mythological and analytical style presents a straightforward road map to personal empowerment, whether that means enhancing spiritual growth, making smart professional choices or developing healthy relationships...accompanied by a CD that readily boots up all the astrological data you'll need to get the most out of the book...paintings and poetic prayers...awaken the reader to an inspiring, aesthetic presentation...After reading, the astrologer will have a new appreciation for the power of the Moon...gain a solid interpretive tool and forecasting technique. --Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope, June 2005

This book is well-written and comes from a psychologically and spiritually sound perspective. The tone is upbeat and geared to personal growth...the software, which mirrors the text, is easy to install and use...And did I mention the paintings? There are a full dozen beautiful, evocative paintings by Maria herself and by her daughter Molly Sullivan. These allow you to meditate on the text as you read and to feel the various phases and positions...Consider this a must-have! --Donna Van Toen, NCGR Memberletter, April/May 2005

A Time for Magick

Many people don't realize, or have ignored, the powerful impact timing can have when performing magick. Maria Kay Simms, an expert in both magick and astrology, has helped reestablished the important link between magick and the planets in a way that is easy to understand and logical for the 21st century. She also forges a new path by examining the meaning of the planetary hour at birth. A Time for Magick enables us to tap into sources of incredible power for ritual work. No matter what type of magick you do, don't leave this book on a dusty shelf. It should be on your desk so you can consult it frequently. That's where I keep my copy. --Donald Michael Kraig. Author of Modern Magick 

It’s a rare astrology book that actually brings the process of studying the heavens to life…Maria Kay Simms actually succeeds in awakening a living planetary awareness through her exploration of planetary hours…useful for astrologers because it is an elegantly simple technique that has been virtually lost to us…valuable to practitioners of magick because it provides prescribed rituals yet also gives…the building blocks needed for the astrology calculations…And the most awesome thing of all is how A Time for Magick revives the magic of astrology by invigorating the pursuit of scientific observations…with  the belief that there is a definite spiritual connection between humankind and the cosmos.  All we need to do is tap into it.  --Judi Vitalele, Mountain Astrologer, Oct./Nov. 2001

It’s very easy to say that this is a “must have” reference book.  Not only is it clearly written, it is as easily understood by non-astrologers.  If you are practicing magick without consulting the Queen Mother Moon or working spells without so much as a glance at planetary hours, then you have not put the power punch of the planets behind your spell work.  And no matter what your level of astrology, you definitely need this book! --Kathleen Spitzer, Seacoast Spirit, January/February 2002

Early on she states the purpose of the book: to replace Llewellyn George’s Improved Perpetual Planetary Hour Book…as an astrology book, I do not feel it is for the rank beginner, but it tantalizes the reader to go on learning.  Likewise, for the beginning seeker on the Pagan path, it is not for the rank beginner, but the guidance will amplify learning. She liberally sprinkles her wit and humor throughout…It is obvious that her goal for the reader—whatever the level of learning—is to become more self-aware…explain each planet, its meaning in astrology, what it rules, what people born under that planet’s hour are like, and the timing for that planet…Overall the book is easy reading…a worthwhile addition to one’s personal library. --Wo-Ho-Si-Wi-De-He-La for The Second Road, Samhain 2001

Maria Kay Simms’ A Time for Magick is particularly intriguing in its link of astrology with magic rituals and guided meditations.  Use astrology to tie into magic and assess the planets for maximum strength with this intriguing read. --The Bookwatch, December 2002

Reviving long out of print material by Llewellyn George on planetary hours, Ms. Simms acquaints the reader with general information about the planets and their correspondences, and then provides tables for locating your own birth hour.  She gives ample consideration of how to use the Moon and an astrological calendar to choose good times for taking action…enriches the text with her own extensive experience as an astrologer and a Wiccan high priestess.  She includes a special section on meditations and a detailed ritual for evoking each of the planetary energies including the Sun and Moon. Readably written in non-technical language, A Time for Magick emphasizes the importance of timing as well as spirituality in our lives. To that end, Maria Kay Simms, gives us a very creditable book. --Carol Tebbs for The International Astrologer

Dial Detective

Software that does dials can outperform paper…in both speed and accuracy…but it won’t teach you as much as working through real examples by hand. What you get from that is the think time that helps you absorb the information your teacher is trying to impart to you.  The teacher in this case, Maria Kay Simms, also has a good deal of experience with her subject, and thus is worth listening to. The original edition of this book has probably taught the subject to thousands of students, and its success is founded on the simple principle that a picture is worth a thousand words. Uranian astrology and Cosmobiology are both complex and highly visual…oriented toward answering very explicit questions that often can be timed down to the minute…Far from being outdated by the advance in computers between the first edition (1989) and now, Maria Simms’ book is new and fresh and provides a great learning environment. --Kenneth Irving, American Astrology, March 2002

If you’re trying to master the 90° dial techniques…this book is an absolute must-have and probably the next best thing to a live teacher…Writing style throughout is extremely clear. Those of you who are visually oriented will also appreciate the numerous well-done illustrations. This is a truly user-friendly book and is both fun and extremely easy to follow without being simplistic… Even if you have the first edition…you might want to have a look at the latest version. There are 16 additional pages of instruction, much of it on Cosmobiology and on using dial techniques for rectification. I recommend Dial Detective as both a reference and a teaching aid. --Donna Van Toen, NCGR Memberletter, April-May 2002

Witch's Circle

The first time I read "The Witch's Circle," it was called "Circle of the Cosmic Muse." I am now on my third personal copy, not to mention the many copies I have given as gifts over the years. Inevitably, the copies become dog-eared and highlighted and frayed over years of constant use and reference… books come and go in my house by the hundreds and many of them are lovely in their own right, as well as competitively in this glutted and overly commercialized market of Pagan literature and resources.

 ...but "A Witch's Circle..." THIS is a classic... with the emphasis on "class."

 If you are entertaining "must have" volumes for your Witchy library, this is an absolute necessity.

Read this 2006  full review by Katrina Rasbold on The Diva Digest

While the majority of this book is astrological based rituals…some of the most interesting parts have nothing to do with Wiccan ritual.  The early chapters trace the author’s slow change from a Catholic astrologer to a Wiccan astrologer and establish the author’s own views of astrology, magick and religion.  The reader sees the evolution of her ideas as well as the evolution of the groups she works with…unlike many of the books full of Wiccan rituals on the market today, the rituals in this book truly present an original point of view…interesting and useful…well worth the money I spent on it. --Randall for The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum 

…An excellent source of ideas, as well as a great read…Lady Mari has drawn on her extensive knowledge of astrology to create a balanced and intriguing system of rituals. Her unique look at the Wheel of the Year and her synthesis of the movement of the sun and moon through the signs of the zodiac, in my opinion, would be of interest to many pagans…this book goes way beyond "pop astrology." Within our rituals of worship, the system described here can help us the grow spiritually and attune to the cycles of Earth and the solar system…. a wealth of ideas [that] would be an excellent addition to the library of any pagan, no matter what your astrological sign or tradition. -- Starcat, Earthtide Pagan Network News, Spring Equinox 2000

If you buy only one book on Wicca this year, this is the one to get! Far and away our favorite choice to become a classic and on everyone's must-have list. --Symphony, Summer 1994 

This must be the most complete handbook for pagans ever compiled…Not only is this the only book you may ever need on the topic, it's also high spirited, joyful and just plain fun. --NAPRA Trade Journal, Summer 1994 

This is one of the most important, instructive, revealing and practical books I have come across so far…Yes, this is an unusual book, a work that makes sense in every way of the word. Recommended, very much so!" --Sally Miller, New Dimensions, June 1994 

I like the author's candor. She states that she is well aware that some people will agree with her opinions and view-and others will not. And she says that's OK! She is a lady that is not threatened by variety and innovativeness. Good for her! --The Rosegate Journal

…characterized by honesty, mastery, common sense, tolerance and a complete freedom from pretension. As i read, i felt that i was getting to know the writer, and that i was enriched by knowing her. This book is a treasure. --Maggie Mountain Lion, Enchante #19

…integrates astrology with Wiccan ritual practices…and don't let that "W" word faze you! This is in no way a "black," "weird," or "spooky" book except in the sense of it nudging us to deal with the emotional component of astrology and ritual rather than just the intellectual stuff we sometimes hide behind…Her synthesis of both disciplines makes it clear that they are indeed different dimensions of the same process. The material is sane, sensible, and geared to claiming our own inner power rather than manipulating our friends and/or foes…I enjoyed this book. Unless you're totally averse to ritual, I suspect you will, too. --Donna Van Toen, The Mountain Astrologer, October 1994

…Maria Kay Simms offers Full Moon and Sabbat ritual that emphasize their source in the cycles of Sun and Moon.  I felt my understanding of these sacred days deepen as I read her poetic, evocative images and wise reflection on the meaning of the seasonal and lunar cycles.

At the heart of the book are the rituals; she has written them as if they were scripts, complete with gestures and tools.  Solitary readers or those in women-only circles will need to rework the rituals a bit, but as she says, “Use these rituals as a framework, but don’t get stuck in them.”  Anecdotes from her own life enliven this book and make it an excellent sourcebook as you or your circle plan your own rituals. Recommended. --Willow, Sagewoman, Winter 1994

Future Signs

Most books that teach astrology are based around the birth chart. While this may give some insight into one's personality, let's face it: we really want to know what the future is going to bring. Future Signs does that and more…will help you take advantage of the possibilities and overcome the obstacles, a secret worth its weight in gold! As you determine this, you easily and painlessly learn the secrets of astrology, even if you currently don't know the difference between a sun sign and a stop sign.--Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Magick

"Future Signs: How to Make Astrological Predictions" by Maria Kay Simms starts off in just the right way! Chapter One is called "Take Charge of Your Future". This key quality of transits, that they are what you are going through, but what happens is under YOUR control, is emphasized throughout the book.

For example, For Pluto transits the first title is "Pluto: Claim Your Own Power and Emerge Reborn" followed by "Dig In, Clear Out, and Transform" under Pluto in the houses. For Neptune, "Beware Illusion; Strive for Your Highest Ideals".

There is also a section on Lunations and Eclipses. The last chapter is called, "Forecasting the Astrological Weather". The words she uses, such as "Astrological Weather", are just great.

This is an emphatic two thumbs up book. --www.guidingstar.com

The best modern book on astrological prediction, April 14, 2001

With "Future Signs", Maria Kay Simms has written a clear and insightful work on how to make astrological predictions using transits. This is the easiest method of using astrology to look ahead and this makes the book accessible to those relatively inexperienced in astrology. The opening chapters are a good overview of how transits work. There are many practical suggestions such as the importance of looking at your astrological past to help understand your astrological present and future. The author also gives an intelligent and balanced consideration look at the eternal question of whether our lives are fated or whether we have free will. Throughout the book Maria often refers to astrology as "a tool of choice", and her attitude to fate is summed up by the following: "The only thing that makes any sense at all is to behave as though what you think and choose and do... matters! You have free will! Believe it!".

Unlike some older books dealing with transits, the more powerful outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are sensibly featured at the beginning, gradually working down to New Moons and transits of the personal planets. Similarly, transits to the ascendant and mid-heaven are at the beginning of each planet's section.

For the more experienced astrologer, there is little in "Future Signs" that they won't have come across in previous definitive transit books such as "Planets In Transit" by Robert Hand or "Transits: The Time Of Your Life" by Betty Lundsted. But to those not familiar with such or other previous classics, I recommend "Future Signs" as a preferable modern alternative. --Tim Burgess, for Amazon

Written for people who are intelligent, but absolute astrological beginners, Future Signs provides an insightful overview of the art of prediction. Maria Kay Simms is alert to the needs of the neophyte, never assuming that anyone knows anything, beyond how to read clear English. This book elegantly fills a real need. --Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, columnist for Elle

Astrology students will find Future Signs as hearty and quick-nourishing as instant oatmeal. If this is your first taste of astrology, though, have patience and before long you'll be peering over the treetops with the best of them. --Michael Lutin, author and astrology columnist for Vanity Fair

Concise--to the point--and insightful. What more could you ask? Instead of wading through pages of extraneous words, Maria Kay Simms dives right in. Her easy style, clear explanation and logical arrangement of material are a delight. Not only will you understand the meaning of transiting planets, new and full moons and eclipses, but…you will willingly embrace your visiting squares. That, in itself, is worth the price of the book. Basics are the foundation of good astrology. This book is good astrology. I highly recommend it. -- Dusty Bunker, author of Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Your Magical Child

Your Magical Child begins with the perspective that babies are inherently magical beings. With the right assistance from parents, they can learn how to use their minds and souls for creative growth and change—in essence to realize and fulfill their own destiny…designed for beginners…clearly written text…makes it evident that astrology is a method of seeing that part of your child which can’t be explained by hereditary or environmental factors…the parent is given a unique set of tools to assist the child in becoming a healthy, happy and successful human being. One of the best chapters for parents is the section on the inner child…when your adult composure and best intentions are overcome by emotional stress, the little kid inside you can scream and cry out, act impulsively, or say things which hurt others and which you may later regret. If this is a problem for you, then Your Magical Child may also be a handy way of discovering your own child-magician who’s just waiting to be recognized. And when this happens, who knows what powers may be released, and what you can accomplish? --Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope, April 95

Written for the astrologically uninitiated as well as for the well-versed, this book for parents presents impressive psychological insight and common sense within its astrological guidance. Concentrating on the parent-child relationship, the author focuses on helping parents encourage the most magical, wondrous expression of their child’s potential. Easy tables and worksheets, planets in signs, rising signs, planets in aspect, daily positions of planets, moon positions four times daily, and complete interpretations and instructions offer a wealth of background for supporting your magical child. --NAPRA Trade Journal

Written especially for parents, Your Magical Child combines a "New Age" viewpoint with practical tips taken from the author's experience as a mother, grandmother, step-mother, single parent and teacher. Maria Kay Simms masterfully blends this maternal experience wisdom gained form over 20 years as a professional astrologer. Chapters include loving, encouraging and magical viewpoints, common sense advice, and personal anecdotes from infancy to adolescense. --Moving Worlds, June 1994

Ever wonder why one child in a family will be outgoing and adventurous, while another child in the same family is quiet, shy and bookish? Maria Kay Simms is a noted astrologer who brings together her experience with astrology and being both a mother and a grandmother to write a book designed to help you understand your child better. Discussions on heredity vs. environment, and how astrology fits into theories of fate and free will are well written and easy to read. Suggestions on how to encourage and empower a child to learn to live up to their potential are a must read for every parent. --Symphony, Spring 1995

Whether one accepts the premise of astrology or not, this comprehensive work of a child (astro-) psychology offers a refreshing view of the other oldest job around—parenthood. Author Simms, a veteran parent, grandparent, schoolteacher, and counseling astrologer, has taken the insights of the ancient art (and science, if you will) of horoscope interpretation and combined them with modern, accepted precepts of child development, along with her own considerable experience with children. The resulting practical and theoretical blend offers a satisfying and readily usable psychology that is grounded in the basic uniqueness of every human being. Even with skepticism toward astrology validity, if a parent can only absorb this one crucial fact, that each child has his or her own novel set of necessary requirements for growth into a healthy, competent, contributing member of family and society, this book would still be substantially worthwhile.

Your Magical Child has three main sections, the first of which is a non-technical primer of the established stages of child development, from infancy to adolescense. The second, and lion's share of the book, deals with astrological interpretation: planets, signs, houses, their various interactions through angular relationships and the planets' placements in the zodiac and houses. Here, in a sort of "cookbook" fashion, Simms presents the many different ways that children can think, feel, act and relate to others. She also includes valuable insights into appropriate discipline styles, activity encouragements (artistic, verbal, mechanical, etc.), when and where to be "loose" or "tight" with structure. All this practical information is disbursed along with an overriding appreciation for the "magic" of life's manifestation in the growing, striving, tender determination of childhood.

The final section explains the details of astrological chart calculation, providing a hefty 100-plus pages of the necessary tables for do-it-yourself horoscopes. Simms also provides information whereby a parent can send away for inexpensive, precise, computer-based calculations.

Simms has written a fascinating, in-depth guide that is brimming with insight, humor and the wisdom of someone who truly loves children. --G.G., Rapport, West Coast Review of Books, Arts and Entertainment

Astrology is most useful as a tool for thinking and self-improvement. Maria Simms' new book gives us a thoughtful and practical application of astrological psychology-philosophy—especially as it relates to children. There's an abundance of positive self-help psychology in her book, and an uncommon practical wisdom. She affirms her "belief in magic—in the miracle of life, and in the power of mind and soul for creative change and growth."

The book is noteworthy in that the author makes good use of the astrological tradition as a vehicle for her benign message about improving the "relationship dynamics between yourself and your child." Added to this are words directed to the "inner child" within one's self.

Ms. Simms book is more than just astrology for those who work with children—it is that, but it is also simply a very good introduction to astrology in general. It includes the how-to of both horoscope calculation and interpretation, together with her version of all the traditional components of the chart including readings for planets in signs, houses and astrological aspects. The book also incorporates look-up tables (1985-2005) and a complete glossary of terms—two essential tools for those just approaching this complex subject.

The author's approach to astrology is traditional, but her application of it to her special field of concern is creative. She combines many years of experience as an astrologer with many years experience as a school teacher, mother and grandmother. The result is a positive and helpful book that is better than most of the books in this field.--James Davis, Visions Magazine, January 1995

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