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i have a question. a friend wants a wicca wedding.but cann't find someone to preform it. can you help.
From sally ballard of snyder, tx, united states on 3/23/2007 10:11:10 AM

Wonderul site. loved the contest too! Come check out my site. Witchy poem. I am a spell caster...
From Melanie Ambroshia Miller of Vincennes, Indiana, USA on 3/14/2007 4:01:49 PM

Wonderful site, Bright Blessings Maggie
From Becky Mixon of Bakersfield, CA, U.S.A on 2/18/2007 8:45:22 PM

Great site to get info on latest books and other goodies. Thank You
From Rebecca Mixon of Bakersfield, CA, USA on 2/18/2007 8:43:15 PM

nice web page with lots of info
From Amanda Slyman of vancouver, wa, united states on 2/17/2007 2:04:18 PM

Im glad I found your site. I've been looking for more websites about Witchcraft and for more people who could help me learn more about it.
From Courtney Putnam of Croydon, Pa, United States on 2/11/2007 5:19:38 PM

Merry Meet just passing through and thought I would sign in :)
From MeLinda Bailey of Goshen, IN, USA on 1/16/2007 2:26:36 PM

i am new to the craft and need help in my new journey. ican only read books i need to be able to talk about what i am doing write or what i am doing wrong thank you lady k wolf
From karen hare of warrington, pa, bucks on 1/15/2007 10:24:41 PM

im looking for a place i can fit in where i can also learn and be exepted maybe someone to be freinds with and practice the craft Jenny Brooklyn,N.Y U.S
From jenna Diaz of brooklyn, ny, kigs on 12/31/2006 11:41:49 AM

Can you please remove me from guestbook. thank you. Lisa
From Lisa Florez of san leandro, Ca., usa on 12/23/2006 8:44:44 PM

Glad I found your website!!!
From Toni Keys of Huntington, NY, USA on 12/18/2006 12:39:50 PM

From RUFUS BLACKSTAR of DAYTON, OH, UNITED STATES on 12/11/2006 11:45:26 PM

I'm always on the search for..... well answers I guess. But that is wrong too. We make our own answers don't we? Truths wispered to us from the divine, already known deep in our souls. Anyway I enjoyed your site, just wish there was people in your chat room to talk with. Blessed Be.
From Christina Steinly of Seagoville, tx, United States on 12/5/2006 11:17:01 PM

Great site! More people should practice witchcraft.
From Richard Nacamuli of Califon, NJ, USA on 12/4/2006 10:25:12 AM

The site is great. Thanks for creating it.
From V King of Henderson, NV, United States on 12/3/2006 10:41:53 PM

I have always had the most horrible luck. I know it sounds trite but can anyone suggest a way to turn it around? Remember that old country song with the line...
From Jen Hooper of Largo, Fl, USA on 11/2/2006 1:47:29 PM

i would LOVE to learn more
From migdalia rivera of hartford, ct, hartford on 10/31/2006 10:58:29 AM

being a englishman,a practicing warlock and fused to a Earth maiden im happy to meet you in the broad sense :)
From A lloyd of phoenix, az, united states on 10/26/2006 7:15:38 AM

Maggie, with you, I always discover and I am always amazed. You are such a Blessing. Love
From Thomas O'Shaughnessy of Flushing, MI, USA on 10/23/2006 2:55:23 AM

I've learned so much from all your books and I want to say thank you very much. BB
From emerald aka skye alvites of worcester, ma, usa on 10/13/2006 4:20:05 AM

Love your books, and your beliefs
From Tammy Hafley of Wetumpka, AL, US on 10/6/2006 11:16:31 AM

the craft is like coming home
From megan copland of stirling, , scotland on 9/30/2006 3:25:59 PM

Loved your books. Would like to meet you. Maybe you can help me. Lots of questions right now! Love Florez
From Lisa Florez of San Leandro, Ca., alameda county on 9/24/2006 10:52:45 PM

bought your book witch crafing and it so good my coven learn more but i looking for more copys as it a good book
From frances  mcleod of pasiley, uk, scotland` on 8/16/2006 6:26:10 AM

Thanks for putting a positive light on the craft. Corinne Cariello a.k.a Iris
From Corinne Cariello of Waukegan, IL, USA on 7/22/2006 8:56:05 PM

Merry Meet! So far I have only read Ms Vaughn's book
From Aria Silverwolfsong of Victoria, BC, Canada on 7/11/2006 5:44:43 PM

i LOVE charmed and thats all i have to say
From Aaron McKelvey of franklin, tenn., usa on 6/16/2006 10:16:13 PM

Blessed Be and thanks for a great website... I had a reading and want to know about those with the power of fire. My great,great grandmother had it, and I was told that for my birthday of June 1st or her birthday of Aug. 1st, I am being given her power, to aid in my healing work and other assignments. Please help if you can with info. or references or networking emails. Thanks again, and Blessed Be. Joy, Jo
From jo collins of greensboro, nc, USA on 6/14/2006 8:50:30 AM

love ur website. even though its small, its interesting. would like to learn more about witchcraft. would appreciate it if u could help me out.
From saint cyanide of mumbai, , india on 6/9/2006 4:47:27 PM

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