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Spell to Awaken the Psychic Sense
by Allae

Your psychic sense is a sensory faculty, just as vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching are.  All of these senses give you information about the world.  The psychic sense gives information, too.  However, this sense is not tied to any one of the five senses – it expresses itself in different ways in different people, or sometimes in different ways depending on the need of the person receiving the information.   Some people receive psychic information through vision, and are called “clairvoyant.”  Others receive psychic information through hearing, and are called “clairaudient.”  Some scientists think that the psychic sense is “non-local” and involves the entire brain (see the Foundation for Mind-Being Research http://www.fmbr.org/ for a scientific look at psychic phenomena).  No matter how the information is received, it is as valid as information received by the other senses. But just as a baby has to learn to use the five senses to experience the world, the psychic sense needs to be learned, tested, and used in order to develop.

Everyone is psychic.  Some people use the sense more than others do.  Some people fear this way of receiving information about the world, so they ignore it and it atrophies.

When I haven’t used my psychic ability in a while (I’ve ignored the information it gives because I’m too overwhelmed!) or it has become unreliable because I haven’t paid attention to it, I re-awaken it by doing the following simple candle/third eye spell.  To do this spell, you’ll need a scented candle, a small crystal, a headband, and either a Tibetan singing bowl or a tuning fork.

Choose a time when you are unlikely to be interrupted.  Late night is best, for this spell because during the day, the buzz of all those awake and active minds often can cause interference, rather like the merging of several different radio bandwidths. Turn off the phone.  Lock the door.

Place a small table where you can comfortably sit in front of it.  The table should be empty, except for the scented candle, crystal (a small, polished crystal), headband (an athletic sweatband will do) and the singing bowl with its little wooden hammer, or a tuning fork.  The candle should be a pillar candle at least ten inches high and four inches wide because you may need to use it for several nights until you feel the information you are getting from your psychic sense is reliable.  The scent and color of the candle should be something that draws you – it should be special to YOU, not chosen from a book.  Your psychic sense is exactly that: it’s yours.  The scent of the candle will help wake your psychic sense up and let it know you want it to function.

Sit in a comfortable chair in front of the table and light the candle. Breathe in the scent. Take five long, deep relaxing breaths with your eyes half-closed, focused softly on the candle flame.

Now take up the Tibetan singing bowl and hit it lightly with the hammer, then run the hammer along the edge nine times, listening to the vibration it makes. For those with the tuning fork, you will need to strike the tuning fork nine times, also listening to the vibration.

Next, take the crystal and the headband/sweatband. Put the headband on your head and slip the crystal inside so it settles over your “third eye” – between your eyebrows and slightly above; the place where, if you hold your finger in front of your forehead and come closer and closer, nearly touching it, you get almost a “buzzing” sensation.

Now sit in front of your candle and call on your psychic sense.  You can say any words you like that are special to you.  I’ve always found that the words you use are more powerful than those in any spell learned by rote.  For example, when I do this spell, I say:

Look, I know I’ve ignored you.
I’m really sorry.
Please come back!
Hey – I’ll tell you a story.
My life got so busy.
So full of chores.
I didn’t have time.
Just worked more more more,
If you come back,
I promise I’ll hear,
the secrets you whisper
so softly in my ear.

It’s really hokey, but for me, it works. 

After you’ve called upon your psychic sense, you can sit in front of the candle for a while, with the headband and crystal on.  I’ve found it useful to wear it to bed, but it’s not necessary.  Once you start getting “hunches” or indications that your psychic sense is working again, put it through its paces.  Test it for accuracy.  No sense is 100% accurate.  Check out optical illusions to see how vision can be tricked.  However, psychic sense is much more subtle than the other senses.  It needs to be coaxed and nurtured, but don’t accept everything it gives you at face value.  Test it.

I hope you have great success with this spell!

Blessed Be,


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