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About Maggie:

Her Career Her Craft

Career Bio:

Maggie Shayne has published more than 40 novels, and numerous novellas and articles.  She's written for Silhouette Books, Harper-Collins (Avon Books), St. Martin's Press, Penguin Putnam (Berkley, Jove), Spilled Candy Books, MIRA Books, and Benbella Books.  In addition, she has contributed storylines to CBS's Guiding Light and As the World Turns.  She was offered the position of co-head writer of Guiding Light, a job she turned down in favor of continuing her career as a novelist.

Maggie is a twelve-time RITA® Award nominee, and a three-time winner of Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine's Career Achievement Award.  She has also garnered two Golden Leaf Awards and a Readers' Choice Award among many, many others.

Her books consistently appear on the New York Times extended bestseller list, USA Today's top 150 bestseller list, the Booksense bestseller list, and the Waldenbooks bestseller list where she has hit #1.

Many of her books have been picked up by Doubleday Bookclub, the Mystery Guild, Rhapsody Bookclub and many others.  Film rights to one of her favorite novels, ETERNITY, have been purchased by Waterline Entertainment.

Maggie lives on 200 acres in a rural part of Central NY with her husband of 28 years.  She has five daughters, the youngest of whom is about to leave her with an empty nest as she heads off to college.  Fortunately, she has three gorgeous grandchildren.  And if they don't keep her busy enough, she's got two labs, an English bulldog, and an arrogant cat to pick up the slack.

Craft Bio:

Maggie Shayne (LadyHawke, the Mythmaker) is a minister of Wicca, an Elder of the Wiccan Community, Co-Founder of a Wiccan tradition called RavenMyst Circle, and High Priestess of one of that trad's central New York covens, The Hawks of RavenMyst.

She spent several years (1991-1998) as a Solitary Practitioner before she dedicated to training at Silver RavenWolf's Black Forest Clan (BFC), a chartered Wiccan seminary.  She spent more than three years training with BFC and after completing that training, she joined with several Elders to create a new path.  For the past three years she has been working with RavenMyst Circle, the organization she co-founded.

Maggie's coven currently has 14 members.  One of her earliest students completed her training and formed a new coven, Coven of the Phoenix, and another member had just begun her own coven, Coven of the Heron.   

In addition to her work in Wicca, Maggie is studying and practicing Shamanism and Reiki healing.  She's currently a Level II Reiki Healer.  She also studies the history and religious practices and rites of Ancient Sumer, a civilization that has long fascinated her. 


*Maggie received her First Initiation from Lady Stevi of Black Forest and Lord Seeker of Black Forest and Amethyst Dragon, in Salem MA during a meteor shower in 1999.

*Her Second Degree Elevation took place in Pennsylvania in 2000 at the BFC Grand Coven gathering, and was given by Lady Stevi of Black Forest, and Lord Wayland of Black Forest, Coven of the Raven, and later, RavenMyst Circle.

*Her Third Degree Elevation was bestowed during a rainless thunder & lightning storm at the BFC Grand Coven gathering in PA, 2001.  Participating in this rite were Lord Wayland and Lady Morgaine (BFC, Coven of the Raven and later RavenMyst), Lady Breid Foxsong and Lord O'Kuna (British Traditionalist order of the Red Garter), Silver RavenWolf (Black Forest Clan,) and Lady Falcon, (Caledonii, BFC, RavenMyst Circle.)

*In 2002 Maggie was Eldered at the "Gathering of the Tribes" at the Blackwater Campground in Virginia, by Elders and co-founders of RavenMyst, Lord Wayland and Lady Morgaine, and by the enthusiastic consent of RavenMyst co-founders Lady Falcon and Lady Mary.

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